Uncharted mysteries 2020

Searching for hidden clues to lost-in-time legends, Into the Unknown follows adventurer and survivalist Cliff Simon as he makes his way through forbidding landscapes to explore some of the most nightmarish myths of all time. Part investigation, part travelogue, and part survival lesson, Cliff ventures solo-deep into one extreme wilderness to the other-determined to uncover the source of these scary stories. That means using all his skills to hike, swim, and crawl into places most people wouldn't ever dare go. Along the way, scientists, shamans, historians, and witnesses all provide clues that shed light on these dark secrets that often defy explanation. And while local guides help plan his route, Cliff always heads out on his own in search of infamous legends like the bat-winged Jersey Devil, California's Mojave Sandman, the deadly Night Marchers of Hawaii, and many more.

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